In a distressing incident, a resident of Mumbai fell victim to a fraudulent online movie rating scheme, resulting in a loss of Rs 1 crore.

 India is witnessing a surge in online scam cases, leaving numerous individuals across the country devastated by substantial financial losses. Scammers are utilizing various tactics to deceive unsuspecting victims and extract lakhs of rupees from them. One such scam involves exploiting the allure of movie ratings, wherein fraudsters entice individuals with part-time employment opportunities and persuade them to deposit money for a supposedly higher commission. Unfortunately, residents of Mumbai were recently targeted by scammers, resulting in a collective loss exceeding Rs 1 crore. The perpetrators even resorted to threatening their victims with income tax raids to coerce compliance.

According to a report , a 43-year-old doctor residing in Gokul Township, Virar (West), received a message on the Telegram app on January 2. The sender, using the name Hafiza@094, offered the doctor a part-time job involving rating movies online as a means to earn money. In order to set up a new bank account for commission transfers, the scammer requested the doctor's banking details, which he willingly provided due to the enticing nature of the offer.

Initially enticed by the opportunity, the doctor began his work by receiving and rating 28 movie tickets online. Following the completion of this initial task, he received a commission of Rs 830 in his bank account. As the scam progressed, the fraudster urged the doctor to deposit a certain amount of money to qualify for a higher commission in subsequent tasks. Succumbing to the scammer's instructions, the doctor transferred Rs 9,900 to an unknown bank account the next day, in hopes of receiving the promised increased commission. Over the course of a few days, the victim diligently worked and amassed around Rs 31 lakh in commissions.