Amidst the Twitter backlash surrounding daily limits,

 Elon Musk takes to the platform to offer a comforting message. Musk's tweet encourages users to prioritize connecting with their loved ones. It serves as a reminder to value meaningful relationships and find solace in fostering connections, even in the midst of online limitations.

Following Twitter's recent mandatory login requirement to read tweets, billionaire Elon Musk made an announcement on Saturday regarding limitations on post consumption. The temporary limits, introduced by Musk, the owner of Twitter and the world's richest person, aim to address issues related to excessive data scraping and system manipulation.

According to Musk, verified accounts are permitted to read up to 6,000 posts per day, while unverified accounts are limited to 600 posts, and newly-unverified accounts can access only 300 posts. These restrictions are intended to manage the platform's data usage effectively.

In terms of account verification, Musk introduced Twitter Blue, a subscription service, after acquiring the San Francisco-based Twitter Inc in October 2022. Twitter Blue offers a verification mark in the form of a blue tick for a monthly fee of $8. As a result, verified accounts are those that have subscribed to this service, while unverified accounts have chosen not to utilize the paid feature.