Feeling apprehensive about AI? Take solace in the fact that many Internet creators perceive it as a tool, rather than a source of threat.

US law enforcement agencies have employed Clearview AI for close to one million searches.

After years of user demand, Instagram has finally unveiled a long-awaited feature that has been highly sought after by its user base.

In a remarkable discovery, an AI system has uncovered a previously unknown Nazca Line in Peru.

A remarkable development in the field of robotics has enabled a "chef" robot to learn and recreate recipes simply by watching food videos.

ChatGPT, the advanced language model developed by OpenAI, has been utilized to design a cutting-edge robot.

Get ready to chat with a groundbreaking chatbot that takes the lead in assisting you. Incorporating automation into the informed consent process for genomics research studies expands its scope and enhances comprehension, resulting in broader outreach and improved understanding.

Cutting-edge research is utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to provide insights into the flow of fluids in the brain

The application of AI that utilizes sketches to identify objects within images has the potential to enhance tumor detection and aid in the search for rare bird species.

Amidst the competition for AI supremacy, there is a hidden group that holds the potential to emerge as the ultimate victor. Referred to as the 'undiscovered' group, these entities operate as crucial intermediaries within the semiconductor sector and are poised to benefit from multiple favorable factors.

The potential for AI to automate up to 70% of work, insights from Adobe's HR Chief on their no-mass-layoffs approach, and the emergence of "Head of Remote" roles are significant developments in the workforce landscape.

MIT-Pillar AI Collective has unveiled the recipients of its initial seed grants. The grants have been awarded to six teams dedicated to conducting research in the fields of AI, data science, and machine learning. These projects exhibit promising potential for commercial applications.

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Google is set to introduce AI-generated ads in the near future

In a bid to stay competitive with Microsoft and Google, AWS (Amazon Web Services) is committing $100 million to establish a generative AI center.

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Missy Cummings, an expert in automation, is optimistic that a dedicated course aimed at educating policymakers about artificial intelligence (AI) can provide a valuable solution in addressing the historical disappointments surrounding tech regulation.

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