Feeling apprehensive about AI? Take solace in the fact that many Internet creators perceive it as a tool, rather than a source of threat.


In Anaheim, California, digital content creators are embracing the future of artificial intelligence (AI) with enthusiasm. At VidCon, an annual conference for digital creators, many creators expressed a keen interest in learning about AI tools to enhance their work. The explosive growth of generative AI tools has captured the attention of content creators, who are eager to explore these innovative technologies.
During a VidCon panel, a significant number of creators indicated their incorporation of AI into their work, while concerns about AI taking over their jobs seemed to dissipate among the attendees. YouTube reports that videos about generative AI tools have garnered over 1.7 billion views this year alone, and more than 60% of surveyed viewers expressed openness to watching creators who utilize AI for content generation.

Kevin Allocca, head of culture and trends at YouTube, acknowledges the widespread interest in AI and its potential implications. He notes that creators are exploring how AI can streamline workflows, facilitate translations, and impact various forms of creativity.
Livestreamer Myth, also known as Ali Kabbani, recognizes the fun aspect of experimenting with AI-generated content, such as self-cloning. However, he highlights the current power of AI tools lies in boosting productivity, particularly by reducing the time-consuming aspects of tasks like video editing. These tools also lower barriers for aspiring creators, allowing them to produce content without the need for extensive video editing knowledge or hiring dedicated editors.

Liam Trumble, creative director of social agency Superdigital, emphasizes that AI can assist creators in business-related activities like brand negotiations and invoicing. Nevertheless, he underscores that AI should be viewed as a supplementary aid to human creativity and not as a complete replacement.

Samir Chaudry, cohost of "The Colin and Samir Show," encourages his team members to utilize AI in their daily work, utilizing tools like Descript, AutoPod, and Midjourney to expedite post-production processes. Chaudry believes that AI can free up time for creators to focus on tasks that require human imagination and creativity.

While acknowledging the discomfort people may feel when venturing into uncharted territories, Chaudry remains optimistic about the future of human interaction shaped by AI. He predicts a rise in live performances, with stand-up comedy, plays, and collective experiences like going to the movies becoming more intriguing as AI-generated content emerges. Chaudry believes that AI will ultimately lead to a greater appreciation for human perspectives in an increasingly AI-driven world.