AI Task Force adviser: AI will threaten humans in two years


A stark warning has been issued by an AI task force adviser to the UK prime minister, stating that humans will face threats from AI within two years.

During an interview with TalkTV, the adviser, Matt Clifford, expressed concerns about the near-term risks associated with AI and emphasized the urgency of implementing control and regulation measures before AI becomes too powerful.

Clifford highlighted the current capabilities of AI systems, warning that they can be used for creating bioweapon recipes or launching large-scale cyber attacks. He stressed the need for a comprehensive framework that addresses the safety and regulation of AI.

Referring to an open letter signed by 350 AI experts, including the CEO of OpenAI, Clifford discussed the potential existential risks associated with AI surpassing human intelligence.

He emphasized the importance of understanding and controlling AI models, expressing concerns about the lack of comprehension regarding their behavior. Clifford advocated for an audit and evaluation process before deploying powerful AI models, aligning with the views of other leaders in AI development.

Regulators worldwide are grappling with the rapid advancements of AI and the complex implications they present. Striking a balance between user protection and fostering innovation is a key challenge.

In the UK, a member of the opposition Labour Party echoed the concerns raised in the Center for AI Safety's letter, calling for AI technology to be regulated on par with medicine and nuclear power.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, during a visit to the US, is expected to propose the establishment of a global AI watchdog based in London. Sunak has acknowledged the risk of extinction posed by AI and is actively considering measures to address it.

The European Union has proposed the mandatory labeling of all AI-generated content as a strategy to combat disinformation.

Given the limited timeframe, policymakers, researchers, and developers must collaborate to ensure responsible development and deployment of AI systems, considering the potential risks and implications associated with their rapid advancement. The full interview with Clifford can be viewed below.