Microsoft has recently unveiled an exciting development by offering a complimentary training course focused on generative artificial intelligence (AI) skills.

 Microsoft has introduced an innovative training course dedicated to enhancing AI skills. This comprehensive curriculum equips participants with fundamental knowledge of AI, covering essential topics such as responsible AI frameworks. Upon successfully finishing the course, individuals will be awarded a Career Essentials certificate, acknowledging their proficiency in this domain.

Microsoft has made a significant announcement, unveiling a new initiative to promote AI skill development worldwide. This initiative, part of Microsoft's Skills for Jobs program, introduces free coursework in collaboration with LinkedIn. The coursework focuses on introductory generative AI learning, covering essential AI concepts, including responsible AI frameworks. Successful completion of the coursework earns participants a Career Essentials certificate, making it an appealing choice for those seeking professional certification in Generative AI.

The launch of this AI skill initiative comes at a time when the demand for AI talent is growing rapidly. A recent Nasscom report revealed that India, in particular, boasts the second-largest global AI talent pool and ranks first in terms of AI skill penetration and talent concentration. However, despite the approximately 420,000 AI/ML big data analytics tech professionals in India, there remains a significant 51 percent gap between demand and supply.

Microsoft acknowledges that AI has the potential to revolutionize the way we work, especially as the pace of information work surpasses our ability to keep up. To help individuals improve their AI skills, the tech giant is launching a campaign aimed at bridging the gap. Microsoft has already trained nearly 70,000 women students from Tier II and III towns in AI skills over the past two years, emphasizing the importance of providing everyone with the necessary skills to utilize AI effectively.

The popularity of generative AI has soared since the launch of OpenAI's ChatGPT in November 2022. While this chatbot service has impressed many with its capabilities, it has also sparked concerns among some users about potential job displacement. AI is being widely implemented across various industries, enabling smarter and more efficient ways of accomplishing tasks. As a result, companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of AI experts and investing in AI-related skills and expertise.