Oracle has integrated generative AI capabilities into its human resources (HR) software.


Oracle Corporation announced on Wednesday that it is incorporating generative artificial intelligence (AI) features into its human resources (HR) software. This integration aims to assist businesses in tasks such as drafting job descriptions and setting employee performance goals.

While AI systems like ChatGPT have gained popularity in the technology sector for their ability to generate human-like responses, some business users have approached generative AI technology cautiously due to concerns about its potential for generating false information or unsettling responses.

Oracle's HR software is widely used by large organizations for various HR functions, including recruitment and performance evaluations. The new features will involve the addition of a button in the software, allowing users to automatically generate draft text for job listings and performance goals.

By incorporating the AI assistant as a button instead of a chatbot that responds to open-ended prompts, Oracle aims to ensure that the generated content is both accurate and safe. Rich Buchheim, Vice President of Product Management for Oracle Adaptive Intelligence Applications, emphasized that the generated text will still require human approval.

The intention behind this approach is to provide users with a starting point and useful information that can facilitate their HR processes. Buchheim stated, "We don't expect generative AI to completely write your goals for you. It will provide you with a starting place and useful information to begin with."

Oracle plans to release the new AI-driven features by the end of this year. Looking ahead, the company is also exploring the application of AI for more intricate human resources tasks. One area of focus is leveraging AI to generate job requirement listings that adhere to specific local regulations in different markets.

Guy Waterman, Vice President of People Analytics and Human Capital Management Technology and Innovation at Oracle, highlighted the potential for AI to significantly speed up decision-making and implementation processes. By reducing the time it takes to make informed HR decisions from weeks to hours or even minutes, generative AI opens up new possibilities for efficiency and effectiveness in HR operations.

Waterman stated, "If we can transform decision-making and implementation time from a matter of weeks to hours or minutes, that's where we truly see the transformative power of generative AI."