SK Telecom outlines its plans with AI partners

SK Telecom (SKT) is making significant strides to solidify its position in the global AI ecosystem by actively collaborating with new AI partners. These partners include CMES, MakinaRocks, Scatter Lab, and FriendliAI. SKT is focused on fostering business cooperation and aiming to achieve leadership in the AI industry.

During the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023, SKT announced partnerships with a total of seven AI companies, including SAPEON, Bespin Global, Moloco, Konan Technology, Swit, Phantom AI, and Tuat. These partnerships highlight SKT's commitment to promoting AI transformation and innovation.

To further enhance its presence in the AI industry, SKT held a meeting with executives from its AI partners, discussing crucial aspects of the industry. CEO Ryu Young-sang shared SKT's vision for AI and engaged in discussions on major global AI trends, technological advancements, ongoing R&D projects, and investment prospects. These meetings provided an opportunity for collaboration and synergy creation among the AI partners.

Notably, SKT engaged in a significant discussion with CMES, an AI-powered robotics company. The focus of the conversation revolved around the development of pricing plans for "Robot as a Service (RaaS)." This innovative concept offers a cost-effective alternative for enterprises, eliminating the need for additional manpower or infrastructure investment for automation. The demand for RaaS is expected to grow rapidly across sectors such as logistics, delivery, construction, and healthcare.

Additionally, SKT aims to collaborate with Scatter Lab, a renowned AI startup known for its Lee Lu-da chatbot. The plan is to integrate an emotional AI agent into SKT's AI service, 'A.' This integration aims to enhance the user experience and provide more personalized and engaging interactions.

Furthermore, SKT discussed strategies for synergy creation with MakinaRocks, a startup specializing in industrial AI solutions, and FriendliAI, a startup that offers a platform for developing generative AI models. By joining forces, the companies aim to establish a leading position in the global AI market and deliver innovative solutions.

Ryu Young-sang, CEO of SKT, emphasized the importance of collaboration with AI partners and expressed confidence in the potential for growth in the global market. He stated, "Now with our AI partners on board, we have completed the blueprint for driving new growth in the global market. We will work together to develop diverse cooperation opportunities in AI and bring our AI technologies and services to the global market."

By leveraging the expertise and technologies of its AI partners, SKT is well-positioned to lead the global AI ecosystem and deliver innovative AI solutions to the market. These collaborations and partnerships signify SKT's commitment to advancing AI technology and fostering a thriving AI industry.