Steve Frederickson, Next-generation "answer engine" powered by AI


During an interview at the AI & Big Data Expo, we had the opportunity to gain valuable insights from Steve Frederickson, Chief Product Officer at He shed light on how AI is driving a next-generation "answer engine" for enterprises. is specifically designed to unlock and leverage the extensive knowledge stored within a company's diverse data repositories, regardless of format or source. Whether it's SharePoint, Google Drive, Dropbox, or third-party tools, Lucy seamlessly searches and connects with all types of content, enabling efficient knowledge retrieval for employees.
Frederickson expressed excitement about Lucy 4, the latest version of their platform. Through a significant development phase and incorporating customer feedback from Lucy 3, they reimagined the concept of knowledge discovery for large companies. Their focus was on prioritizing the content itself and the creators, aiming to foster new connections and collaboration opportunities, breaking down departmental silos and facilitating knowledge sharing. measures success not only through engagement metrics but also by assessing the tangible impact on saving employees' time. Customer feedback has highlighted how Lucy has become a time-saving tool within organizations, breaking down data silos and fostering unity and cooperation across the company.
The rise of remote work, particularly in the post-pandemic era, has further emphasized the need for knowledge-surfacing solutions like Lucy. Employees need to maintain a connection with their company's knowledge base and colleagues, and traditional search methods are often bypassed in favor of direct communication. To address this, Lucy Synopsis was developed, enabling users to interact with Lucy in a conversational manner through platforms like Microsoft Teams, receiving precise answers and easily understandable content.
While information surfacing is crucial, not all data should be readily accessible to everyone within a company. Lucy addresses this concern by providing robust access controls, including role-based and attribute-based access tailored to each organization's specific taxonomy and security requirements. Lucy aligns with a company's access levels, ensuring confidentiality and integrity for sensitive information.
In a market with multiple answer-surfacing solutions, Lucy stands out by adopting a holistic approach to the search process. They redefine search as an end-to-end journey that encompasses the entire knowledge cycle, going beyond locating a document. Users may need to identify specific pages, contact document authors for clarification, or contribute contextual information for future reference. Lucy facilitates these extended interactions seamlessly within their platform and excels at connecting with various data sources, both internal repositories and third-party tools like Confluence and ServiceNow.
As an agile startup, embraces the fast-paced nature of the industry and maintains a set of core principles that underpin its success. Empowering individuals with knowledge is at the core of their mission, and they actively explore how new tools and developments in generative AI can support that objective. By closely engaging with customers and prospects, remains attentive to their needs, adapting its features to align with evolving policies and requirements.
Looking ahead, Lucy AI has ambitious plans. Building on the foundation of Lucy 4, they aim to foster conversations and connections between departments, using Lucy as a tool to empower people and drive collaboration within enterprises. Exciting developments in this area are on the horizon.
With its innovative approach to knowledge discovery and commitment to empowering individuals, is a formidable player in the field. As the remote work trend continues and the demand for efficient knowledge surfacing grows,'s comprehensive answer engine offers a unique solution. By bridging the gap between employees and their company's collective knowledge, Lucy not only saves time and enhances productivity but also facilitates meaningful connections that fuel innovation and collaboration within the enterprise.