Zoom's Intelligent Director feature ensures that nobody remains hidden in the background, offering everyone a close-up experience.

Discover how Zoom's Intelligent Director feature ensures that regardless of your seating or standing position, you will always be visible and audible. As businesses transition to hybrid and in-office work models, video conferencing applications are striving to innovate. Zoom has introduced the Intelligent Director feature, specifically designed for medium-to-large-sized conference rooms, which guarantees equal visibility and audibility for all participants, regardless of their location within the room.

This feature employs intelligent facial tracking and movement detection to focus on each individual's face and find the most optimal view, ensuring their continuous presence on the screen. By addressing the limitations of traditional conference room setups, such as diminished clarity and inclusivity, Zoom aims to foster meaningful connections and real-time information sharing without being constrained by physical proximity.

To utilize the Intelligent Director feature, a suitable configuration with multiple supported webcams is required throughout the room. Zoom has collaborated with various webcam manufacturers, including AVer Cam550, the Poly e70, and the Yealink UVC 86, to ensure compatibility. The minimum system requirements involve an Apple M1 chip or an Intel i5 processor. Currently available in beta as part of the Zoom Rooms 5.15.0 update, Intelligent Director is supported on Windows and Mac platforms, with plans to expand support to other platforms in the near future.